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Alex Very - CLICK 4 BIO


In 2010, Alex Very took his first steps in the electronic music movement under the guide of his dear friend 'DJ Sputnik'. After many successful gigs in his area, he became a resident DJ at 'Makaki Club' in Trieste.His passion for electronic music increased day by day and brought him to listen to any kind and any hint of that genre.In 2013, Alex got in touch with DJ Rasman and together they founded a new musical project called ''Sunset Ibiza Style'', which will lead them to perform in many European clubs and several nobles venues in the ‘Magic Island' during the years.After thriving at the Ibiza’ summer season for several years, his reputation as a credible artist continued to grow further.Throughout the past few years Alex has continued with an everstrong touring schedule including standout festival sets at Springbreak Invasion in Umago, Asso DJ Festival in Bitonto to name but a few plus tours across Europe including several high profile long haul stints across the UK, Spain, Croatia and Slovenia.Since 2019, he worked hard to bring something fresh and new to the dance-floor with ‘Endless Frequencies’’, this new project allows him to collaborate with Marc Troit, hosting several events in their area and abroad. 


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