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For Sunset Ibiza Style, we are proud to present our new special collaboration with Ramirez, the father of Trance Music. 

In 1992 the Italo-Colombian Alex Quiroz Buelvas and the "DFC Team" started the "Ramirez" project which became the reference point of the world techno scene.

Ramirez project was born in Trieste on March 1992, where Alex was performing his Ph.D. in Mathematical Theoretical Physics. There he meets in a strangest way one of the most important producer team of italian dance music, the "DFC Team", which noticed his artistic potential immediately and decided to take him to the recording studio, where together with Dr. Rizzatti the "sound wizard", an expert in sound engineering, the world dance hits like LA MUSIKA TREMENDA, HABLANDO, ORGASMICO, TERAPIA, LA LOCURA, EL GALLINERO, BOMBA, BARAONDA, CHUPA CHUPA and others were issued and have sold over 3 million copies.

Alex is an eclectic personage with a lot of charm, long black hair, penetrating gaze, an immense vital energy and a particularly irreverent character.

He is one of the greatest exponents of techno music, followed and acclaimed by thousands of unrestrained young fans which founded several fan clubs