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Born in Tuscany, she began her career in 2009 as a model and in parallel as a go go dance and performer in various Italian and foreign nightclubs, collaborating with various formats throughout her career including Circo Nero, Robot Punk, Laser Show, etc. and also began to collaborate in 2013 with the SunsetIbizaStyle team, both as an artist and as a collaborator behind and in front of the scenes, carrying out interviews with various Italian DJs who came to Ibiza to launch themselves into the international music scene.
Parallel to this she also undertakes step by step the career of actress, both for music videos and for some roles in various television projects and films.
In 2020 she becomes a model for Playboy and begins to increase her curriculum often ending up in national magazines.
She is currently continuing to work on improving her career also on social media where she boasts a large audience of followers.